Now Playing RPG Core Rulebook

Have you ever watched a character on your favorite TV show do something and thought “why’d he do that? I would have done it better if it was me.” Well, now you have your chance! You know the setting of your favorite shows. All you need now is the instructions for how to make a role-playing game out of it. In comes Now Playing.

Now Playing tells you how to take your favorite TV show setting and turn it into an RPG. It gives you complete rules for playing the show as a game and helps you tailor it to any show you may want to play. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cop drama, sci-fi space opera, or even a sitcom. Now Playing will help you in every step of the process of turning the show into a game.

The game also works with techniques that real TV scriptwriters use in the process of creating and planning your game stories and sessions so that the game will have the same pacing and flow as the show. This makes the game feel less like a typical RPG and more like the actual show, which means that the game is fast-paced and exciting.