These downloads are for the The Unexplained Storytelling Game. Help yourself and download the files.

The Unexplained Character Sheet

The Unexplained Character Sheet (with form fields)

Use this PDF when creating your characters for the game. This way you don’t have to scan or photocopy the sheet from the book. Just download the PDF and print out as many as you want. Share it with your friends.

FPI Boston Chapter Character Sheets

An entire cast of characters, some of which are in The Unexplained book, that you can download, use, or change to make them your own.

The Unexplained Sneak Peak #1

This shows you an example of what to expect in the book. In this Sneak Peak, we look at Bigfoot. There’s a lot of real information in there, and that’s what you’ll see in the game.

The Unexplained Sneak Peak #2

In this Sneak Peak, we look at the Poltergeist phenomenon. There’s lots to know about them. For instance, did you know that a poltergeist haunting typically goes through five stages of activity, with each stage including different type of activity, growing in severity until it reaches a climax. And then what? Read the Sneak Peak!

The Unexplained Sneak Peak #3

In this Sneak Peak, we look at the Channeling psychic ability. There’s a lot that goes into speaking with the dead, and it’s not always safe to let a spirit inside your body. Find out all about it!