Event Listing for TotalCon

I’ve just submitted the events of The Unexplained that we will run at Total Confusion (http://www.totalcon.com). Here they are:

The Newton family is being plagued by a haunting in their home. The terrified family invites your FPI team into their home to investigate the haunting and put an end to it. But as you begin your investigation, you discover that it is far more serious than you had thought. As things get out of control, you realize that you are all in danger, and none of you might ever leave alive. Beginners welcome, characters provided.

The Lost Colony
Your team of paranormal investigators is invited to an archaeological dig in the barren, Arctic wilderness of Baffin Island, Canada. A friend working there says strange events are happening at the site, and they need you to get to the bottom of it. But when you find the camp deserted, you must learn to survive in the harsh environment while trying to locate the team. To make matters worse, you swear there is something out there in the cold and the fog that is watching you. What is it? And is it waiting for a chance to strike? Can you survive, or will you end up like the others?

The Congo Expedition
Your team of paranormal investigators undertake the expedition of a lifetime: to enter the Congo rainforest in search of the Mokele-mbembe, a sauropod dinosaur. The problem is that you will be following in the footsteps of another FPI team that has never returned into a forest filled with wild animals, poachers, rebel militia, and violent pygmies. Can you find the elusive creature and escape alive, or will you end up like the others? This event is continued in “Monsters of the Congo,” but you can play one without the other. Beginners welcome, characters provided.

Monsters of the Congo
You have fought ferocious animals, poachers, and militia soldiers in your expedition into the Congo rainforest, but at last you approach the location of the fabled Mokele-mbembe. The legendary beast that resembles a long-necked dinosaur is within your grasp – if you can stay alive long enough see it! The Mokele-mbembe is not the only creature of legend living there, and they have their eyes on your team as you struggle through the dense jungle toward your prize. Begun in “The Congo Expedition,” but can be played separately. Beginners welcome, characters provided.


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