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Here’s some great news! A brand new adventure for The Unexplained is nearing completion. The writing is done and edited. Main layout is complete. I’m just waiting for the final artwork from the artist, and it’ll be out.

I’ll keep you all posted on the progress.

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I’ve just submitted the events of The Unexplained that we will run at Total Confusion ( Here they are:

The Newton family is being plagued by a haunting in their home. The terrified family invites your FPI team into their home to investigate the haunting and put an end to it. But as you begin your investigation, you discover that it is far more serious than you had thought. As things get out of control, you realize that you are all in danger, and none of you might ever leave alive. Beginners welcome, characters provided.

The Lost Colony
Your team of paranormal investigators is invited to an archaeological dig in the barren, Arctic wilderness of Baffin Island, Canada. A friend working there says strange events are happening at the site, and they need you to get to the bottom of it. But when you find the camp deserted, you must learn to survive in the harsh environment while trying to locate the team. To make matters worse, you swear there is something out there in the cold and the fog that is watching you. What is it? And is it waiting for a chance to strike? Can you survive, or will you end up like the others?

The Congo Expedition
Your team of paranormal investigators undertake the expedition of a lifetime: to enter the Congo rainforest in search of the Mokele-mbembe, a sauropod dinosaur. The problem is that you will be following in the footsteps of another FPI team that has never returned into a forest filled with wild animals, poachers, rebel militia, and violent pygmies. Can you find the elusive creature and escape alive, or will you end up like the others? This event is continued in “Monsters of the Congo,” but you can play one without the other. Beginners welcome, characters provided.

Monsters of the Congo
You have fought ferocious animals, poachers, and militia soldiers in your expedition into the Congo rainforest, but at last you approach the location of the fabled Mokele-mbembe. The legendary beast that resembles a long-necked dinosaur is within your grasp – if you can stay alive long enough see it! The Mokele-mbembe is not the only creature of legend living there, and they have their eyes on your team as you struggle through the dense jungle toward your prize. Begun in “The Congo Expedition,” but can be played separately. Beginners welcome, characters provided.


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It’ a new year, and with it comes a time to look back at what we’ve accomplished in the past year. 2012 was a good year for Carnivore Games. We survived the apocalypse, as planned. We released the The Unexplained Storyteller’s Screen. And we’ve released all of our PDF products on One Book Shelf.

But there have been other great developments that happened behind the scenes. More work has happened on The Unexplained’s first sourcebook, The Cryptid Handbook. This is a Monster Manual of “real” creatures that have been sighted, but not proven, all over the globe. It’s a big book, with plenty of cryptids to put into your games.

Also, several adventure modules are in the works for The Unexplained. One of them is near completion.
I’m looking forward to seeing what this new year brings us. I have high hopes that it will be a great year for you and for Carnivore Games.

Happy Holidays from Carnivore Games.

— Brad Younie


This beautiful screen has four panes that are laid out “landscaped” so that they are wide and not too tall. The artwork on each pane represents a different paranormal phenomenon. Facing the Storyteller are all the tables and charts you might want.

But to add to the deal, the screen comes with a PDF of the ready-to-play adventure “Little Susie’s Doll.” It’s the story of a haunted house and the mysterious little doll that came with it.

It’s available at Paizo for immediate download here: Paizo download


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I will be demoing The Unexplained at TotalCon 2012 this COMING WEEKEND. It’s a great con in Mansfield, MA. With the great staff and people, I always enjoy gaming there.

I’ll be demoing the game the best way, by running 4 full-length con events! Here are the writeups of them:
Centralia, PA is a real ghost town. It was the victim of an underground mine fire that has literally been burning since the 1960’s. The town has been evacuated and all roads have been rerouted. Sink holes have appeared in places that spew hot gasses. But even after all these decades, some of the town is still standing. You have come here to find evidence of the ghosts and spirits of those who died here. But once you arrive, you may never leave…

House of the Dead

The Old Abbot House is famous. According to local legend, a member of a Satanic cult once owned the house and performed horrible rituals there. It all ended with everyone in the house dying mysteriously. There have been many owners since, but none have stayed long. Each time, the owners would flee in panic, or die in the house. The Foundation for Paranormal Investigation has bought the house to save it from demolition. Your team is being sent in to investigate the house and learn the secrets that are held within. Can you get to the bottom of the mystery, or will you become another occupant of the house of the dead?

The Chronicle

What if the crazy stories that “The Weekly World News” publishes are true? Bat Boy is real, aliens have befriended the president, and Bigfoot kidnaps women for love slaves. Well, that’s “The Chronicle.” You all know that the supernatural exists, and you go out looking for the real scoop! A New York City businessman with ties to the Mob is sent to the hospital in upstate New York with a strange case. He says he saw a woman in the woods that was so beautiful he went blind! Could this be a real case of a Nymph, or could it be something more sinister?

The Ghoul of Granton

One dark night, two pairs of young lovers were walking through the old graveyard in Granton, Massachusetts. According to the three who survived, they heard a noise of something stalking them. They turned to look and saw a horrible, humanoid monster. One of the boys became paralyzed. He could talk, but he could not move. The others ran away in panic. They could hear the boy’s screams as they ran. They are now convinced that it will get them. The local sheriff has invited your team of paranormal investigators to help with the case. Was the boy killed by normal means, or by something more terrifying?

Come and join the fun, if you can. I’ll be signing copies of The Unexplained for anyone who finds me, or plays in my games.

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We had a bit of a problem with the web site a little while ago. As a result, we had to replace the old theme with a temporary one. Also, the online store is currently down. We are working on the issue and it will be back online before long.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

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I’m in the process of transferring my web site to new server software. During this brief transition, the online store will be down. We’ll post again when it’s back up.